Hot & Fresh Mini Donuts

With a dozen flavors to choose from, experiment the sweetness that Mini Donut Lab has to offer! What sets us apart? The commitment to serving every mini donut at the peak of freshness. Straight from the fryer to your mouth, each bite is a celebration of warmth, ensuring an unforgettable experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Virgin Piña Coladas

Delight in the cool embrace of our authentic virgin Piña Coladas, a symphony of freshness and flavor. Our signature blend captures the essence of Puerto Rico in every sip. It’s not just a drink, but a refreshing experience.

Pizza Kone

Prepare to be amazed by our unique & delicious Pizza Kone, a culinary innovation straight from the laboratory of flavor at Mini Donut Lab! Crafted with the best pizza crust, each cone crafted from the highest quality ingredients, shaped into a unique cone and filled to the brim with creamy cheese and your choice of delectable toppings. It's a taste experiment you won't want to miss!

Customers Reviews

I’ve had pina coladas from many places. But none of them compare to these. I just wish they had a larger cup. lol the BEST hands down!!!!.” — Eddie Reyes

“I saw this place on TikTok and I had to try it. I place my order and tried the sampler. I was hooked. So hooked I had the come to cater my grandson’s 2 birthday celebration. It was all the raze. They came they Concord every sweet tooth. We will be having them again.” — Tonya Cannon